NIO ES8 Electric Car Launch Date in India | price

NIO ES8 Electric Car Launch Date in India | Price

NIO ES8 Electric Car Launch Date in India | Price : On 18 December 2017 NIO electric car comapny has launched its model ES8 in China. NIO is china based electric car start up which is focused on manufacturing and designing high performance premium electric cars. Special thing about NIO ES8 car is that its price is half of the price of Tesla Model X electric car. Now after this news Indians are curious to know about NIO ES8 Electric Car Lanch Date in India. In this article we will see when NIO ES8 will be launched in India and NIO ES8 Price in India and china. NIO ES8 is Seven seater high performance SUV Electric Car. If you want to know specifications and NIO ES8 Electric Car Launch date in India then keep reading This article.

NIO ES8 Electric Car Launch Date in India and Specification

Indians are crazy about cars. NIO ES8 is launched only in china yet. You might have to wait for NIO ES8 Electric Car Launch Date in India. Nio Electric Car Company has raised a bar in electric car industry by launching Premium SUV Electric Car at very Less price. In India people wants to buy SUV car in less price there fore many Indians wants to know NIO ES8 Launched date in India and Price of NIO ES8 in India. Now Lets check specification of Nio ES8. This Electric Car delivers 480 Kilowatt of power and 840 newton meters of torque to all four wheels. NIO ES8 is capable to accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in 4.4 seconds.  It has advanced infotainment system and dash display consisting of two LED screens including a massive touch interface in the center console. The car has self-parking capabilities, too, and the battery swap feature. Due to these amazing features people are waiting for NIO ES 8 Electric Car Launch Date in Indian.

NIO ES8 Electric Car Price in India

This NIO ES8 car provide amazing feature at very less price price as compare to Tesla car price. There fore many Indians want to buy this car and wants to know NIO ES8 Price in India. This Car is Only launched in China and this NIO ES8 Electric car will soon launch India. Expected NIO ES8 launch date in India is at the end of 2018. This car also made news for less price. NIO ES8 Price is half of that Tesla Model X car price in  China. he ES8, which starts at 448,000 Chinese yuan($67,765) is half the starting price of Tesla’s 836,000 yuan ($126,470) Model X in China. Nio ES8 also gets subsidiary from china government as it will help to reduce air pollution. NIO ES8 Price in India is not Yet Disclosed.

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