Rajinikanth Political Party Name | Wiki | President | Tamilnadu Politics

Rajinikanth Political Party Name | Wiki | President | Tamilnadu Politics

Rajinikanth Political Party Name | Wiki | President | Tamilnadu Politics : Finally Mega star Rajinikanth has declared his entry in to politics. Discussion over a decade about Rajinikanth Politics Entry is now over. Many of his supporters eagerly waiting for Opening ceremony of party because Rajinikanth Political Party Name is not announced yet. So here we will discuss about Rajinikanth Political Party and Rajinikanth Political Career.

This article contains information about Rajinikanth Political Party Name, Rajinikanth Party Wiki, Rajinikanth party president and all other Rajinikanth Tamilnadu Politics details. Formation of Rajinikanth Political Party is not overnight decision. This discussion about Rajinikanth entry in Tamilnadu Politics started long ago. Now All doubts are clear. People now eagerly waiting for official announcement of Rajinikanth Political Party Name. 

Rajinikanth Political Party Name | Wiki | President | Tamilnadu Politics

Now many people are talking that is it right time for Rajinikanth to enter in to Tamilnadu politics. Rajinikanth is now 67 year old. So many thinks that it is somewhat late. But it is golden time as after death of AIADMK’s Powerfull leader Jaylalita there is huge political gap in Tamilnadu Politics. Rajinikanth Political party is now hot trending topic across India. People are waiting for Rajinikanth Political Party opening ceremony and they are now impatient to listen Rajinikanth Political Partical ty speech.

It is not only about Rajinikanth speech but people are also curious to know Rajinikanth Political Party name. Rajinikanth has shaken up Tamilnadu politics by his decision. Soon we will get more updates. As there is less information available, Rajinikanth Political Party Wikipedia will be created soon.

Rajinikanth Political Party Announcement  

Rajinikanth political party name is not announced yet but he has announced some important things during his press conference. Let’s see what are the major things said in Rajinikanth political party announcement. 

  • Rajinikant said, ” I am joining politics for sure and I am going to do my duty” He also declared that’ ” Do good, speak and only good will happen” this will be guiding slogan for party.
  • Rajinikanth party will contest for all 234 MLA seats in next Tamilnadu Assembly election on 2021. Rajinikanth cleared that, he is not joining politics for power but he wants to bring change in society.
  • Worker and followers of Rajinikanth political Party will reach to each village in Tamilnadu and will note down problems faced by poor people in day to day life.
  • Rajinikanth further added that, We will present our policies and promises in front of people soon.
  • All parties congratulating Rajinikanth on his Entry to Politics.  Now let’s hope for good from Rajinikanth Political Party. Read More Here

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